This is the product of the last few years offroading with friends at various events around Scotland. Currently the website has a few purposes,

To provide a springboard to our current Flickr photosharing website link.

To allow friends from the offroading community to check out current photos from recent events, on the night of the event on Flickr or on this site.

Eventually, to provide some common sense workshop "How To's" with photos.

We've put them on Flickr so that all our pals from the off road clubs that we belong to (especially the West Agyll 4x4 group, and friends that attend Drumclog) can see what they were up to, when they get home on the evening of the event.

By the way if you have a landrover or other 4x4 and fancy coming along to play, mail us, or look at Landrover forums.(check out our links page).


Click image below for the slide show
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in the field

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